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Gbajumo.com is set to become one of the nation’s hottest online parks for all things young, hip, parties, events and anything owanbes.

How much have you always wanted to pass your event memoirs across to those who couldn’t make it to the events? How much have you always wished there is media presence for your events but couldn’t afford due to the large cost involved?

Gbajumo.com, Established July 1st, 2013 is the media arm of Protech Global Services and Communications (a web solutions firm), representing common interests of all persons and organizations who want a strong media presence in their daily life and activities.

Our aims is to provide media mileage for companies and individuals in their day-to-day activities and give a good reportage of their ceremonies and parties to the general public and as such foster goodwill of their clients and prospects.

The population of internet users is increasing rapidly every day and there is need for companies and individuals to tap into the growth rate and make the best use by winning prospects to their side, in that case we come in and give you a Media presence online.


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