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Inside Post Ads

At GBAJUMO, we provide Affordable Advertising Packages for any type/size of Business. We give you the platform and guide you to make the right choice that would help take your Business to greatest heights.

Below are the Ad Slots available on Gbajumo. It’s a great opportunity to get your Products and Services on Nigeria’s leading Online Events Magazine.

Available AD Spaces are:

1. Advert Location/Type: Full Background Ad
Advert Size/Type: Full Image
Duration: 30 Days

2. Advert Location/Type: Home Page and Blog Sidebar
Advert Size/Type: 125×125 | 250×250 | 300×250 | 120×600 | 160×600 | 728×90
Duration: 30 Days

3. Advert Location/Type: After Individual Blog Posts
Advert Size/Type: 468×60
Duration: 30 Days

4. Advert Location/Type: On Individual Blog Posts
Advert Size/Type: 250×125
Duration: 30 Days

5. Advert Location/Type: Word(s) in Blog Posts Linking to your product
(Blog Post AD)
Advert Size/Type: Text Link
Duration: 30 Days

6. Advert Location/Type: Sponsored Status Update (Three times)
Advert Size/Type: Facebook, Twitter Linkedin
Duration: As long as Status Last

7. Advert Location/Type: Product Reviews
Advert Size/Type: Blog Posts
Duration: 30 Days

To pick any of the Ad Slots, fill the Contact form or send mail to the email  below indicating your Interest.

We would love to help you advertise your brand, event, product or service. Please fill the form below and we will get back in touch with you within 24 hours.


How can I be sure that advertising on Gbajumo will be effective?
The success of your ads on Gbajumo depend on many factors:
(1) The nature of your product: A product or service that appeals to a large fraction of Gbajumo members will do much better than a niche product.
(2) The quality of your ad: banner ads with appealing graphics and a clear messages will do much better than average ads.
(3) The conversion rate of your landing page: If your website is not optimised, you may get a lot of visits from Gbajumo but no sales.

As a result of the complexity of the above factors, it is impossible for us to predict how well your ads will perform on Gbajumo. The only way to find out is by running a campaign for 1 week on Plan C. It’s a very affordable way to test the performance of your ads on Gbajumo.

Can you come to our office? Can we come to your office? Can we chat with you on phone?
We do not provide phone or in-person support except in emergencies. However, we strive to provide excellent email support to our customers.

Do you support animated ads? Which ad formats do you support?
Yes, we do accept animated ads in any format: flash or gif. We also accept 154 by 95 pixel never-compressed 24-bit PNG files with solid single pixel borders. We  accept the following formats: jpg, gif, flash, bmp, tiff, or any size or format apart from 154 by 95 pixel 24-bit PNG format.

Can we use Gbajumo to promote our Facebook pages and Twitter accounts?
Yes, but we advice against this because many Gbajumo viewers who click your ads won’t be logged-on to Facebook or Twitter. Your landing page should be a page on your official website, a thread somewhere, or one of your profile pages.


What kind of products/services can not be advertised on Gbajumo?

We will reject ads for any type of business that we would not encourage our friends and family members to patronize, for example: HYIPs and other risky investment schemes, retail FOREX trading, online betting, multi-level/network marketing, and prostitution. We accept all other types of businesses, provided they are legal.

Please send an e-mail to indicating:
1) Your real name, company name if applicable, and phone number.
2) The name, description and web address of each product/service you want to advertise.
3) The AD space you’d like to subscribe to and the number of days you’ll be paying for.
Please note that we will most likely not reply your email on time if you do not provide all the details above.

If your product/service is suitable for promotion on Gbajumo, we’ll send you our payment details.
We’ll schedule your ads to be shown as soon as possible after we’ve been notified of your payment by our bank.

We look forward to doing business with you!

Best Regards,
Asiwaju Lasisi Prodigy Olatunbosun.


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