Hailing from Ladbroke Grove West London of Afro/Caribbean descent “Alaye” is the definition of self-made.

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Raised by his Grandmother “Alaye” was a talented sportsman, musician & academic in his early school years his recollections of Grove is of the ‘have and have not’s’ co-existing closer together then most other areas. Through being one of the have not’s while at the same time being exposed to the finer things growing up Alaye acquired an entrepreneurial spirit and started hustling any and everything in his teen years “to buy the things I couldn’t ask my Grandma for”. With his father seldom around and his mother working and living abroad before her untimely passing left him as Guardian for his younger brother & sister. He also became a teen father having a daughter.

With a lot of responsibility on his young shoulders “Alaye” got kicked out of college while studying his A-Levels and decided to pursue his dreams to be a Artist/Entrepreneur, being influenced by the likes of Jay-Z, Snoop, Master P, Bob Marley and Puff Daddy. He signed his 1st record deal in 2002 with Edel Records and released the single “Can I Get A” under the artist name “Pluto” the track was a critical and underground hit but that didn’t translate into chart success. Becoming disheartened by the way his project was mishandled he left his management and decided to set up his own company ‘Sugakane Enterprise’ to release his music and also sign other artist’s.

Once he set up his company he drafted in his friends recently released from HMP to help create a movement with dreams of being the next Roc-a-fella records. The team got off to a flying start creating a big buzz on the streets with the release of their 1st mixtape “Prototype” hard hitting gritty street rap telling the true stories of the whole camp.

He then went on to release his 1st official track under Sugakane Ent “Mind My Creps” was a underground Uk Hip Hop classic the video was on heavy rotation on channel U & Mtv Base and the single also made it on Tim Westwoods Def Jam album “The Greatest Hip Hop of 2006” he was alongside the biggest Rap artist’s of the time on that album including Kanye West & 50cent at the time of “Get Rich or Die Trying”. (Alaye and Westwood also went on to work on Alayes classic mixtape “Undeniable” which Tim hosted). This was a major accomplishment by Alaye and he was getting ready to release his follow up single and album then tragedy struck, his close friend and member of the Sugakane Fam, artist Benni Blanco “Leon Adams” was shot and killed on the road where Alaye’s lives. Alaye was at the time returning home from a successful trip to Nigeria. This situation put everything on the back burner and the Sugakane Fam was never the same.

After a while spent grieving Alaye decided to keep his company and self, moving forward he collaborated with Nigerian Stars P.Square on the “Tempation Remix” the track caught fire across Africa and was number one in numerous countries, exposing Alaye & P.Square to a new captive audience. He has since toured Nigeria with P.Square and has also joined forces with Storm 360 to release his product in Africa. He has collaborated and released tracks with Naeto C, 9ice, Kel, Dare, Bashy, Tinie Tempa, Chipmunk, Dbanj, Ikechukwu, Jay Sean.

He has also proven himself to be a great A&R by signing and releasing the Funky House anthem of 2010 “Jungle Skank” which got so popular BBC1 used it for one of their programs. He also discovered and delivered P Square their 1st artist “May D”


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