Born on the 19th of May, into the house of Mr and Mrs Mayowa-Lasisi as the 3rd son out of 4, Akorede (simply known as Arcorede) hails from Epe town of Lagos State.

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Mayowa-Lasisi Akorede had his primary education at God’s gift nursery and primary school, Lagos State and his secondary education at Gladys High School.
In 2013, Akorede got admitted into Obafemi Awolowo University to study Architecture.

Arcorede composed his first song at the age of 9, he fell in love with mixing songs at 12 yrs, and he fully became a DJ at 18.

He is a DJ, a dancer, a rapper, a songwriter, a photographer, an actor, an orator, a graphics designer, he is extremely sociable and gregarious, he is the epitome of Socials.


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