Mars and Barzini

Mars and Barzini are Nigerian musicians, composers and performers. They came into limelight when they released ‘Oluwa Nagode’  an Afro single in 2016. They met on campus in the University of Nigeria and hit if off immediately.
Mars was born in Imo State while Barzini was born in Enugu State.
Mars (real name Ezechukwu Emmanuel Amarachi) was born on May 21, while Barzini(real name Nwobodo David) was born on Dec 19. Mars and Barzini met in 2016 and collaborated on a single they called “Oluwa Nagode.” Following the breakout success of Oluwa Nagode, they proceeded to collaborate further.
The video for Oluwa Nagode was shot in Lagos by Mex Films and it trended heavily upon its release on online platforms and TV stations such as MTV Base and SoundCity TV. The video also made its way to Trace Naija’s “Bout To Blow” Playlist shortly after its release. It also received attention and exposure from Their undeniable musical and business chemistry led to the release of a song titled “10K” the moment they both achieved 10,000 followers on their individual Instagram profiles. In December 2016, Marsand Barzini, under the aegis of their co-owned entertainment outfit, TGIF Music, organised and hosted the “Mars and Barzini Live in Concert” experience in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. It was attended by over 3,000 people. They followed 10K up with a tune titled “Colours,” and it quickly garnered 100,000 downloads on within one week of its release.
The music video to Colours was shot in Dubai, UAE, and was self-directed by Mars andBarzini. Upon its release, MTV Base described it as “mesmerising” and SoundCity TV spotlighted Mars and Barzini amongst artistes to watch out for in 2017. Their music, Afrogroove, is a blend of Afrobeats, Hip Hop and Trap. This sound is influenced by the fact that they grew up in the age of the internet’s bloom and were massively influenced by the crossover of cultures in the dawn of the Internet Age. This is music for the 90’s baby by the 90’s baby. Mars and Barzini count Jay Z and Kanye West as their biggest musical and business influences.
Mars and Barzini are also serial entrepreneurs who have launched several start-ups which include Taker’s food delivery service (shut down) , Ship Clothing and two soon to be announced ventures.
The duo have also been part of various Charity programmes such as #wormfreezone,  The Breakfast Parlour,  The Student Reward and have just recently adopted a youth skating club which they have renamed ‘ The Rugged skaters’
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